Gun Shop Etiquette

Visitors to gun shops should be aware of acceptable behavior and proper Gun Shop Etiquette. Keep these in mind at mom-and-pop shops and large sporting goods chains, local gun stores (LGS) a gun show or even at the shooting range

Good things to do at a Gun Shop

  • Observe, Read and Follow the Stores Firearms handleing policy
  • Handle their Firearms with Respect
  • Ask to rack the slide
  • Ask before dry firing
  • Bring your gun into the store in a case
  • Look at one firearm at a time
  • Ask, if you want to compare them side by side
  • Know the caliber, model, manufacture, and size of your gun when shopping for holsters & accessories
  • Keep your children close to you, and under supervision, at all times
  • Remember many gun shops share space & parking lots with other stores

Avoid doing these things at a Gun Shop:

  • Do not take guns apart
  • Do not open boxes of ammo
  • Do not ‘flick’ or ‘slap’ a revolver cylinder closed
  • Do not aim guns directly at anyone or through windows
      (floor or walls are the best choice)
  • Do not offer unsolicited advice to other customers
  • Do not jiggle handles of the gun safes (its not good for the lock)
  • Do not attempt to buy guns from other customers in the store
  • Do not joke about anything illegal

Gun Safety

  • Treat every gun as if it were loaded
  • Keep finger off trigger
  • Keep the muzzle pointed in a safe direction

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