Ammo Box – Sun Prairie

The Ammo Box
You KNOW I have to stop at a shop with a name like this

But wait there’s more, as I was looking for shops in the Madison Wisconsin area Google pointed out this one called the ammo box

I scroll down to find some pictures and see the reviews of the shop. And I was pleasantly surprised with their response to their one negative comment

I suggest you find their site on Google Maps and see what I mean

When I arrived the place was as I expected a cool shop that’s been in business for decades, 4 years at this location

Just outside of Madison Wisconsin which is not gun-friendly

The staff was very helpful and knowledgeable and we talked about 2A issues a bit and the history of the store And I may or may not have bought every one of their combloc oil bottles for our patreons

If you need one of these oil bottles for a collection let me know

Exactly the kind of store we like to discover on the Gun show loophole tour


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