Bannerman Castle

Bannerman’s Catalog of Military Goods

1851 – Bannerman born in Scotland

1853 – Bannermans family moved to USA, lived in Brooklyn

Dec 1900 – Bannerman Bought the Island

1901 Began Building

Bannerman Family would live on the island from May through Mid October
Stayed at the Hotel Margret in Brooklyn, New York in Winter months

1918 Bannerman Died, No Further Construction on the Island

3 sons, 2 stayed in the business

1920 Powder House blew up, took out many windows


Mid 1930s Family Stopped using the Residence
Warehouse still used


Mid 1950s – Warehouse stopped being used for surplus

Late 1950s whole island emptied, brought in professionals to clear island

Early 1960s The Bannerman Family turned the island over to the Rockefeller Foundation

1967 It was turned over to the State of New York

August 8, 1969 Fire Burns out the warehouses for 3 days (timbers from breakwater barges used as flooring burnt out)

Mid 1990s the Bannerman Island Trust was formed to preserve maintain the island


The Castle

1st Floor – 3rd Floor = Warehouse

4th Floor – Made Sails

5th Floor – Kept Chickens & Played Tennis

Bannerman wanted to make a museum for the weapons used in war, so we would be disgusted by war. The upper two floors were probably for this purpose







have you ever wondered about the castle on the island on the Hudson River in New York ?

In this video series we will take a look at the Bannerman Island in part one of our series we’ll talk about the previous owner of the island before Bannerman bought it we took a tour of Bannerman Island in September 2017 here is part one of a conversation with one of the guides on Pollepel Island Sightseeing in New York can be fun especially a boat tour of the Hudson River like this one this should answer some questions for people who see the castle on the island in New York period or for anyone who’s traveled in New York and saw the old Scottish castle on the Hudson River This was the furthest destination from Arizona on the 2017 Gun Show loophole tour. We have traveled throughout the United States visiting local gun shops and surplus stores.

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