Boot Hill Museum

Guns that Won the West on display at the Boot Hill Museum in Dodge City, Kansas
They have guns of the Frontiersman, guns of the Buffalo Hunters, guns of the Gamblers, guns of the Lawman, guns of the Outlaws, and an extensive hand cuff collection. and a Old West Jail Cell

Also on display at the Dodge City Museum are Winchester Firearms and Colt Firearms

Boot Hill Museum

Relive the Legend


Dodge City, Kansas

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Bannerman Castle Trip

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9/4/17 Monday Day 2 Ozona, TX
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9/6/17 Wednesday Day 4 Waco. TX
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9/9/17 Saturday Day 7 Chicago, IL the Site Bullpup Shoot
9/10/17 Sunday Day 8 Chicago, IL GAT Guns Illinois Gun Show
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9/19/17 Tuesday Day 17 Maryland
9/20/17 Wednesday Day 18 Columbus Vance Outdoors
9/21/17 Thursday Day 19 Columbus Excalibur Outdoors
9/22/17 Friday Day 20 Indianapolis Martinsville Guns
Red Ghost
Outdoorsman Sport Shop
Indiana Army Surplus
9/23/17 Saturday Day 21 Indiana – St. Louis Indiana Gun Show
9/24/17 Sunday Day 22 Mosurri – Memphis Missouri Gun Show
9/25/17 Monday Day 23 Little Rock, AR Everything SKS (Home Shop)
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9/26/17 Tuesday Day 24 Tulsa Oklahoma Army Surplus J. M Davis Firearms Museum
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2A Shooting Center
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9/27/17 Wednesday Day 25 Tulsa Bills Sporting Goods
9/28/17 Thursday Day 26 Dallas Doc’s Gun Shop
9/29/17 Friday Day 27 2A Media Summit Runner Runner Guns
9/30/17 Saturday Day 28 GRPC 2017 G4G
10/1/17 Sunday Day 29 GRPC 2018 Arms Coat Ft Worth Gun Show
10/2/17 Monday Day 30
Old West Guns Playing Cards
Shoot Smart
Chocolate Factory
10/3/17 Tuesday Day 31 Oklahoma City, OK H&H Shooting Sports 45th Infantry Museum
10/4/17 Wednesday Day 32 Dodge City, KS Boot Hill Museum
10/5/17 Thursday Day 33 Colorado Springs Dragon Man
10/6/17 Friday Day 34 Trinidad
10/7/17 Saturday Day 35 Whittington Museum BMC Tactical
NRA Whittingham Museum
Albuquerque Gun Show
10/8/17 Sunday Day 36 Tucson
10/9/17 Monday
10/10/17 Tuesday

H&H Sporting Sports

Check out this 9,000 square foot gun shop & 61 lane shooting range in Oklahoma City

H&H Shooting Sports
400 S. Vermont Ave Ste 110
Oklahoma City, OK 73108
Tel: 405-947-3888

Oklahoma City Gun Shop Reviews are on Gun Shop our Gun Shop review website

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