Mad Man Army Surplus

Found a new Surplus Store in Las Vegas, Nevada
Mad Man’s Army Surplus
Big place, filled with cool stuff
Some real surplus and many boots, uniforms and work clothes

Much of the surplus is in piles you can sort through
The owner seems like a character, they were busy with costume help for the people shopping

Mad Man Army Surplus

3300 N Rancho Dr
Las Vegas, NV 89130
 (702) 222-9471


Beaver Sport and Pawn

Visited a huge gun shop, in the Utah desert

Beaver Sport & Pawn in Beaver, Utah
They have a billboard on the highway between Salt Lake City and St. George, Utah
That’s how I found them, and that’s why I stopped by

I think billboards for gun shops are GREAT. They tell the world driving by, that a Gun Shop exists, its nearby and its successful enough to have a billboard
That is a lot of pro 2A effort right there. But when it is an AWESOME gun shop too ?!?! Well, thats even better.

Beaver’s has a friendly staff, huge floorplan, and a ton of stuff for sale. Stay tuned for a video to attept to show how cool this shop is

If you ever take the trip between St . George and SLC, plan to stop off in Beaver and check out this shop

Look for the giant revolver on the building

Beaver Sport and Pawn

91 N Main St
Beaver, UT 84713
(435) 438-2100


Billings Army Navy

One of the BEST 3 surplus stores I’ve seen
Billings Army Navy
Wow, what cool and unique stuff

The entire tail off an airplane, military sleds, a Korean War era coffin, and more

Stuff hanging from the celings, things burried on shelves
Awesome experience working mybway aroubd the overflowing shelves, theough the maze of areas. So much REAL surplus stuff too

Bags, Ammo Boxes, Shipping Containers of every kind

You’ll need to visit more tham once to see it all

The store staff is happy to meet you, helpful and aware of where everything is
I can’t wait to go back next year

Billings Army Navy
10 N 29th St
Billings, MT 59101

(406) 259-8528