Tulsa County Sheriff’s Office Training Center

33.8 acres

Built in 2014

Tulsa County Sheriff’s Office

26,000-square-foot training center.

$1.3 million in bonds to purchase 33.8 acres of land at 6094 E. 66th St. North from the U.S. Shooting Academy. The sale included a basic range with 30 positions as well as a computerized range where targets can be raised and lowered remotely.

estimated to cost $1.2 million to $1.6 million, includes renovating and outfitting a 1,632-square-foot range house and an urban tactical training village, among other amenities.

financed through proceeds from investigations, such as a recent synthetic marijuana raid the Sheriff’s Office assisted federal agencies with, as well as fees paid to the agency on Self-Defense Act handgun licenses and for serving municipal warrants.

A one-mile law enforcement driver training track designed to simulate highway and urban driving as well as a skid pad to practice rainy and wet conditions will also be installed.

equipped with a new shooting simulator, which plays interactive scenarios on a wall-sized projection screen.


U.S. Shooting Academy

60+ acres

Formed in 2004

  • – 6 Steel Challenge Bays
  • – 3 Covered Handgun Specific Training Bays
  • – .22 Caliber Steel and Paper Target Bay
  • – Covered Handgun Bay for CC & New Shooters
  • – Many Multipurpose Bays
  • – Shotgun Specific Bays (advance notice and special requirements)
  • – Carbine Specific Bays (50 Yard)
  • – Reactive Steel Targets
  • – Covered Bench Rest Bays (100 Yard)
  • – 300 Yard Range (100, 200, 300 Yard)
  • – Training Specific Bays
  • – 360 Degree Bay with Shoot-House (Private Instruction/Training)
  • – Indoor Training, Combatives and Class Building

U.S. Shooting Academy

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H&H Sporting Sports

 90,000 square feet

Opened in 1991

  • Opened by Miles and Jayne Hall of Oklahoma City
    when they were 20 and 18 years old
  • first location was 4,800-square-foot facility
    10 lanes and a classroom
      on 10th Street just west of Council Road
  • April 1990 moved to its current location, facing I-40
  • 2008 H&H purchased Outdoor Outfitters & added Archery Department
  • August, 2016 Leroy Ussery became president og H&H
  • 61 lanes for shooting
  • 6 Olympic air gun lanes
  • 12 pistol lanes at 25 yards
  • 24 rifle lanes at 30 yards
  • 15 lanes for archery at 20 yards
  • 4 lanes in the test and tune archery lanes
  • large meeting/classroom
  • Gunsmith room
  • 4U Café
  • animal mounts from all over the world
  • sensory safari for sight impaired children
  • first ever ‘Five Star Facility’ National Shooting Sports Foundation

Check out this 90,000 square foot gun shop & 61 lane shooting range in Oklahoma City

  • 42 indoor firearm shooting lanes
  • 19 indoor archery lanes


H&H Shooting Sports
400 S. Vermont Ave Ste 110
Oklahoma City, OK 73108
Tel: 405-947-3888


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Woolaroc Museum, Colt Collection

800 guns (617 on display)

Established in 1976

Bartlesville, OK

  • Private collections of Phil Phillips and Waldo Wilson
  • Philip Q. Phillips (of Phillips 66)
  • World-class collection of Colt handguns
  • Includes some of the very first revolving cylinder repeating firearms made in the United States
  • Russell Straight collection of Winchester rifles
  • 2015 the collection was moved to a new larger room

Woolaroc Museum & Wildlife Preserve

1925 Woolaroc Ranch Rd,
Bartlesville, OK 74003