Colonial Williamsburg – Gunsmith Shop

Dozens of firearms (most on display)

Created in 1963

Williamsburg, Virginia

Gunsmiths make rifles, pistols, and fowling pieces using the tools and techniques of their 18th-century

“Four hundred hours” is the generic answer that the Colonial Williamsburg gunsmiths give when the inevitable question, “How long does it take to build a rifle?” 

  • Colonial Williamsburg Foundation
  • a “living museum” of pre-Revolutionary America
  •  re-create the Colonial-era American rifles using the materials, tools and techniques of the Colonial time period
  • 1967-2008 Gunsmith Shop was located on Francis Street near the Capitol
  • 1960  designated a National Historic Landmark District
  • 1966 Wooden Sign Created
  • 2008 Gunsmith Shop moved to James Geddy Sr. & son’s William and David carried on the trade in the mid-18th century
  • musket-firing program is open to participants aged 14 and older


  • 1715 Built as storage for the arms and ammunition from London

Museum – Colonial Williamsburg

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