National Museum of the U.S. Army

Many guns in displays

Opens 2020

Fort Belvoir, Virginia

  • Celebrate over 240 years of Army history and honor 
  • 2020 Opening on hold
  •  joint effort between the U.S. Army and the non-profit organization, The Army Historical Foundation (AHF)
  • Admission to the Museum will be free
  • projected to welcome 500,000-750,000 visitors annually
  • U.S. Army will own and operate the Museum
  • AHF will manage the Museum store, café, and catering services for special events
  • the Museum is part of the U.S. Army Center of Military History

1775 Liberty Drive
Fort Belvoir, VA 22060

 (800) 506-2672


U. S. Army Center of Military History

Mission: recording the official history of the Army in both peace and war

  • 1874 history of the Civil War written by historians under the Secretary of War 
  • July 1943 General Staff historical branch created
  • 1968 – 1st “Directory, of US. Army Museums” published (59 listed)
  • 1975 Bicentennial “Guide to US. Army Museums and Historic Sites” compiled by Norman M. Cary
  • 1992 3rd Edition of “A Guide to Us. Army Museums”
  • 2005 4th Edition of “The Guide to US. Army Museums”

Words alone cannot convey the full import of the Army’s historical collection. Until visitors can step inside a CG-4A cargo glider
from World War II, they may never appreciate how fragile these

aircraft were or how brave and resolute were the occupants who
flew in these small behemoths over the night sky at Normandy. The
charred remains of a chaplain’s kit says more about the courage of
its owner than the citation for his Medal of Honor could ever explain.


  • 59 Army museums
  • 176 other holdings
  • 500,000 artifacts
  • 15,000 works of military art
  • maintain the organizational history of Army units

SASS Museum & Hall of Fame

opened 2016

Mission of the SASS Museum and Cowboy Action Shooting Hall of Fame is to preserve the historic significance of Cowboy Action Shooting and the cultural aspects of the Single Action Shooting Society for the enrichment of the SASS membership, Western lifestyles public and Cowboy Action Shooting industry.

Single Action Shooting Society
215 Cowboy Way
Edgewood NM 87015 US


Dug Up Gun Museum

Over 1,000 guns on display

May of 2009

Cody, WY

  • Owned by Hans & Eva Kurth
  • Open May through September
  • 7 days a week
  • FREE (but leave a donation)

The most interesting museum in Wyoming
We had a chance to check out the guns at the Cody Dug Up Gun museum

A private collection of 30+ years

I arrived AFTER they had closed for the season, Travelers Tipc Cody, Wyoming pretty much shuts down for winter

But they were gracious enough to open just for us!
They let me wander around and the owner / curator answered many questions
In fact I stayed for a few hours and chatted about Cody, the Dug Up Guns, 2A Issues and we watched our new Justice getting confirmed by the senate that afternoon

What a great place, an ultimately interesting collection, amd some of the coolest people you’ll meet running the place and doing the collecting
Did I mention the while experience is FREE ?
If you are on a budget or turns out you dont like dug up guns, then just leave, no charge
If you appreciate them keeping the lights on, and the growing collection available to anyone who visits… then leave them a few dollars
I’ll say it again
The BEST museum in Wyoming
A Must See


Institute of Military Technology

2,000 guns 1,000 on display

30,000 square feet 

established in 2009

Titusville, FL

“Preserve Educate Motivate”

  • 2009 founded by C. Reed Knight Jr.
  • Knight’s Armament factory collection
  • Eugene Stoner Memorial Gallery
    – his desk on display
  •  the former Colt Factory Collection
  • Knight Patent Room
  • Tours are by invitation only

Institute of Military Technology
Titusville, FL 32780


NRA Whittington Center

Over 200 firearms

33,300 acres 

Range created in 1973

Museum opened in 2008

Raton, New Mexico

  • August of 1973 NRA purchased property for range
  • called NRA National Range and Outdoor Center
  • George R. Whittington competitive shooter
  • 1977 NRA leadership decided to no longer fund the range
  • 1977 created a non-profit (501c3) public charity
  • 1977 renamed the facility the NRA Whittington Center

  • Since 1977, the NRA Whittington Center has sustained itself through voluntary tax deductable contributions from individuals and business

  • 18 world-class shooting ranges 
  • World Championships
  • Regional, State and local matches
  • host thousands of competitive shooters from all over the globe
  • Bud & Willa Eyman Research Library
  •  full-service hookups for 175 recreational vehicles
  • primitive campgrounds
  • remote back-country cabins
  • elevations above 6,300 feet 
  • includes a segment of the historic Santa Fe Trail 

the finest outdoor shooting complex and recreation facility in the United States

Frank Brownell Museum of the Southwest

  • opened in 2008
  • 2,750 square foot facility
  • Bud and Willa Eyman Research Library
  • FREE – Open almost wvery day

NRA Museum of the Southwest
34025 US-64
Raton, NM 87740
(575) 445-3615

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Frazier History Museum

1500 guns (400 on display)

Created in 2004

Louisville, KY

Three parts of the Frazier’s gun collection

  • Ground floor Peter B. Hutton collection of Savage and Marlin rifles
  • 1st floor, American Colonial arms, through America’s Golden Age of revolver and rifle design, ending around 1900
  • third part is a massive collection of toy soldiers, miniature cannons and tanks, all arranged historically

“…to portray the history, artistry, and technological significance of weaponry and armor in the context of events that have shaped our country and world.”

Los Angeles Police Museum

Around 100 Firearms

Opened in 2001

Los Angeles, California

  • 1989 known as the Los Angeles Police Historical Society (LAPHS)
  • Museum opened in 2001
  • Located in Highland Park Police Station, built 1925
  • Around 100 Firearms in Multiple Exhibits
  • A VERY well done museum, Worth a Visit !!
  • Open Tuesday – Friday
  • Adults $10.00 / Children $5.00

North Hollywood Shootout Bank Robbery Exhibit
February 28, 1997

Two robbers attempted to rob the Bank of America, this part of the museum is their story and has some of the artifacts

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