Jonathan Browning Home & Gun Shop

Just a few Guns


Nauvoo, Illinois

  • 1843 Jonathan Browning & family moved to Nauvoo
  • 1836 Mormon militias disarmed as a negotiated truce
  • 1838 Battle of Crooked River & Mormans slaughtered
  • 1845 J.B moved to Iowa & 1852 Moved to Utah
  • His Illinois Gunshop
  • Re-Opened in 1960
  • Just a few Models of Brownings firearms
  • It’s a drive, but you stand on
  • the grounds of his actual factory !!
  • FREE – Open almost every day

Visited the Jonathan Browning gunsmith shop in Nauvoo, Illinois
They have recreated his original Workshop on the location that it’s stood before he moved to Utah

It’s a remote location but awesome experience to stand on the same location where John Browning’s father started building guns

There’s a tour with knowledgeable guides who tell you about his life and story

There’s no cost to visit this Museum


Jonathan Browning Home & Gunshop
Rock Island Arsenal
Building 60
Rock Island, IL 61201

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