Colonial Williamsburg – Museum

500 firearms (Most on display)(70 on display in museum)

Created in 1930

Williamsburg, Virginia

  •  1930s
  • firearm history from matchlock technology to the early years of the Commonwealth of Virginia’s state arms manufacturing 
  • “Lock, Stock, and Barrel” exhibit
    – DeWitt Wallace Decorative Arts Museum
  • 1960  designated a National Historic Landmark District
  • 2018  “Lock, Stock And Barrel” exhibit Closed
  • March 11,2019 “To Arm Against An Enemy: Weapons Of The Revolutionary War,” opens
    – The exhibition will remain on view until January 2, 2023
    – features 70 muskets, carbines and rifles,bayonets, pistols and swords as used by Loyalists, American patriots, Hessians and British “red coats”

To Arm Against An Enemy: Weapons of the Revolutionary War

“Over the last ninety years, Colonial Williamsburg has assembled one of the world’s most comprehensive collections of Revolutionary-era weaponry. That gives us the rare opportunity to explore this subject in an unbiased fashion, from every partisan perspective: American, French, British and Hessian.”


Gunsmith Shop – Colonial Williamsburg

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