Rockcastle Shooting Center

Created in 2009

2,000 acres 

  • built by Nick and Nate Noble
  • Was originally a resort, featuring two 18-hole golf courses
  • lodge was built in 1964
  • bought back from the overseas owners
  • They kept one of the golf courses
  • and converted the other golf course into ranges
  • Rifle Ranges from 50 out to 1,000 yards
  • long range out to a mile
  • multiple Pistol Ranges
  • Cowboy Action shooting town with five Old Western facade stages
  • 20 station 3-D Archery course
  • 12-station sporting clay course
  • 60 plus shooting events scheduled annually, including inaugural matches for I.D.P.A., USPSA, and Scholastic Steel Challenge
  • 100 guest rooms
  • Lookout Restaurant
  • The Cave Valley Golf Club

Rockcastle Shooting Center at Park Mammoth Resort
585 Park Mammoth Rd.
Park City, KY 42160
(270) 749-4101

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