Rockcastle Shooting Center

Created in 2009

2,000 acres 

  • built by Nick and Nate Noble
  • Was originally a resort, featuring two 18-hole golf courses
  • lodge was built in 1964
  • bought back from the overseas owners
  • They kept one of the golf courses
  • and converted the other golf course into ranges
  • Rifle Ranges from 50 out to 1,000 yards
  • long range out to a mile
  • multiple Pistol Ranges
  • Cowboy Action shooting town with five Old Western facade stages
  • 20 station 3-D Archery course
  • 12-station sporting clay course
  • 60 plus shooting events scheduled annually, including inaugural matches for I.D.P.A., USPSA, and Scholastic Steel Challenge
  • 100 guest rooms
  • Lookout Restaurant
  • The Cave Valley Golf Club

Rockcastle Shooting Center at Park Mammoth Resort
585 Park Mammoth Rd.
Park City, KY 42160
(270) 749-4101

Frazier History Museum

1500 guns (400 on display)

Created in 2004

Louisville, KY

Three parts of the Frazier’s gun collection

  • Ground floor Peter B. Hutton collection of Savage and Marlin rifles
  • 1st floor, American Colonial arms, through America’s Golden Age of revolver and rifle design, ending around 1900
  • third part is a massive collection of toy soldiers, miniature cannons and tanks, all arranged historically

“…to portray the history, artistry, and technological significance of weaponry and armor in the context of events that have shaped our country and world.”

Kentucky Military History Museum

1,000 guns (80 on display)

Created in 1974

Frankfort, KY

  • 1850 former Kentucky State Arsenal & Civil War-era munitions factory
  • part of the Kentucky Historical Society
  • Col. George Chinn, Automatic Weapons Collection
  • 1965 – the entire collection of machineguns from the Smithsonian Museum, after the Smithsonian’s National Armed Forces Museum project was cancelled
  •  19th-century war records (available for use by appointment).
  • Kentucky Military History Museum from our Virtual Visitor page

Knob Creek Gun Range

Began in 1965

 600 acres

  • Started by Biff Sumner
  • 1970 started shooting dynamite
  • 1981 Kenny Sumner took over the shoot
  • 1985 Started a Gun Show at the shoot
  • 350 yard outdoor range
  • 20 miles south of Louisville
  • former military-munitions test range
  • biannual event in April and October
  • Gun show
  • Dec 22, 2005 featured on R. Lee Ermey’s television show Mail Call 

“World’s Largest Machine Gun Shoot and Military Gun Show”

Knob Creek Gun Range 
690 Ritchey Lane 
West Point, KY 40177