opened in 1998

  • 1997 founded as Blackwater
  • May 15, 1998 Training center opened
    – 6,000-acres
    – cost $6.5 million
  • November 2006 acquired 80-acre facility in Mount Carroll, Illinois
    – called Impact Training Center
  • July 2008 Southwest’s facility in San Diego opened
  • 2009 renamed as Xe Services
  • 2011 acquired by private investors and renamed Academi
  • 2014 became a division of Constellis Group

Moyock, NC

 54 tactical ranges, five ballistic houses, multiple MOUT/scenario facilities, four ship-boarding simulators, two airfields and three drop-zones, a three-mile tactical driving track, 25 classrooms, multiple explosive training ranges, a private training center, accommodations for over 450 personnel and other training support activity centers

ACADEMI Southwest’s facility

  • 61,000 sq. ft. warehouse facility
  • 25 yd. Indoor Firearms Range (12 stations), rated 7.62mm NATO, high/low light
  • 3 fully equipped climate controlled classrooms (Computer, projector, Wi-Fi)
  • Ship simulator (3 deck levels)
  • Non-Lethal Training Ammunition Shoot House (2500 sq. ft.)
  • Container Climbing/Rappel Tower

ACADEMI in Salem, Connecticut

  • A 12-lane indoor range for rifle, pistol, shotgun
  • Practical Lab
  • Firearms Training Simulator

Museum of Connecticut History – Colt Collection

1,500 firearms (200 on display)

Created in 1957

Hartford, CT


  • Guns produced by the twenty-six different gun makers who did business in Connecticut

Museum of Connecticut History
Connecticut State Library
231 Capitol Avenue
Hartford, CT 06106

Complements the E.H.J. Colt Firearms Collection in the Wadsworth Atheneum