Dug Up Gun Museum

Over 1,000 guns on display

May of 2009

Cody, WY

  • Owned by Hans & Eva Kurth
  • Open May through September
  • 7 days a week
  • FREE (but leave a donation)

The most interesting museum in Wyoming
We had a chance to check out the guns at the Cody Dug Up Gun museum

A private collection of 30+ years

I arrived AFTER they had closed for the season, Travelers Tipc Cody, Wyoming pretty much shuts down for winter

But they were gracious enough to open just for us!
They let me wander around and the owner / curator answered many questions
In fact I stayed for a few hours and chatted about Cody, the Dug Up Guns, 2A Issues and we watched our new Justice getting confirmed by the senate that afternoon

What a great place, an ultimately interesting collection, amd some of the coolest people you’ll meet running the place and doing the collecting
Did I mention the while experience is FREE ?
If you are on a budget or turns out you dont like dug up guns, then just leave, no charge
If you appreciate them keeping the lights on, and the growing collection available to anyone who visits… then leave them a few dollars
I’ll say it again
The BEST museum in Wyoming
A Must See



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