Ridgway Rifle Club

founded in 1927

 Ridgway Rifle Club established the first Silhouette range east of the Mississippi River 

  • 1927 the Ridgway Rifle and pistol Club
  • Swiss Club Range was located on the bottom of Grant Rd
  • 1935 name was changed to the Ridgway Rifle Club
  • 1937 neighbors started complaining about the noise
  • 1937 moved present Rifle Club property
  • September of 1980 indoor range and Clubhouse built
    cost of the building was $35,747.83
  • 1986 held its first National Championship for hi power rifle silhouette
  •  Ridgway has hosted more national championships than any other independent club in the nation

 Ridgway Rifle Club
Ridgway, Pennsylvania


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