Tulsa County Sheriff’s Office Training Center

33.8 acres

Built in 2014

Tulsa County Sheriff’s Office

26,000-square-foot training center.

$1.3 million in bonds to purchase 33.8 acres of land at 6094 E. 66th St. North from the U.S. Shooting Academy. The sale included a basic range with 30 positions as well as a computerized range where targets can be raised and lowered remotely.

estimated to cost $1.2 million to $1.6 million, includes renovating and outfitting a 1,632-square-foot range house and an urban tactical training village, among other amenities.

financed through proceeds from investigations, such as a recent synthetic marijuana raid the Sheriff’s Office assisted federal agencies with, as well as fees paid to the agency on Self-Defense Act handgun licenses and for serving municipal warrants.

A one-mile law enforcement driver training track designed to simulate highway and urban driving as well as a skid pad to practice rainy and wet conditions will also be installed.

equipped with a new shooting simulator, which plays interactive scenarios on a wall-sized projection screen.