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WOW, what an Amazing Gun Shop

Ending up the Gun Show Loophole Tour with a sweet shop in Avondale, Arizona
Dan & Cheryl from @GunFreedomRadio run this gun shop and an auction house @PotOfGoldAuctions

This shop does NOT seem like a neglected third business however

Its an awesome REAL gun shop

First off, there are more guns here than any two typical gun shops, all neatly & interestingly arranged from floor to ceiling, on shelves, racks and in displays bursting at the seams



Its an awesome experience to wander their shop, and let your eyes jump from item to item, discovering all the cool stuff

They have antique and modern, current models and discontinued items. There are a LOT of guns

The friendly staff is available to answer questions, as I expected after listening to the podcast for so long

Our last gun shop of the tour, was no accident

Dan & Cheryl are true 2A advocates, it’s a pleasure to finally visit the shop, and an honor to feature their store as the last one on this leg of the tour

LISTEN to their 2 hour weekly podcast, and check out the podcast’s website, it is amazing. The catalog of guests they have had on their show is impressive and their website archives each guest, each show and each topic wonderfully #RealGunShop

Rocky Mountain Discount Sports – Riverton

Rocky Mountain Discount Sports

Awesome shop in Riverton, Wyoming
Huge, got some video to show kust how much stuff they cram into one shop

Very nice and helpful staff, and they about everything you’d need to outfit an outdoor trip of any kind

Tons of Guns, all the accessories and support gear

And do yourself a favor, and after visiting head north for a drive along the Wind River… WOW


Wind River Outdoor Company

Wild Gun Shop with a unique flavor
Wind River Outdoor Co in Lander, Wyoming
It’s like a fancygun shop, but with cool people working there
I asked around in town, while visiting, for a good gun shop, and they said check out the shop on the top of the hill

It’s got a bit of everything you’d need on an outing in Wyoming
Perfect place to grab that gear that broke, got lost or forgotten at home
They also have the cool Wyoming logo shirts, hats and stickers I posted earlier today (Those are in house designs, I’m told)

I grabbed a bunch of stuff for our Patreon supporters, THANK YOU
Lander, WY is an AWESOME town, and home to the @NOLSedu National Outdoor Leadership School (or at least a lot of NOLS people are around )


Toms Guns & Woodworking

Toms Guns & Woodworking
Another small shop with some history and an active member in the local community
I talked to them for a while and learned how the shop started as a grocery store (many years ago), then in 1978 they started to carry guns also. Eventually the guns became more of the store, and in 2000 they became a guns shop only.

They are big into hunting and run their own youth turkey hunts for many years

Awsome to learn about another shop that has tradition and brings new shooters into our community


Vance Outdoors

56,000 Sq. Ft

All sporting goods in 1978
Opened range in 2014

  • 1938 Richard H. Vance started Vance’s  as a general store
  • 1978  full-time Sporting Goods store
  • 2002 Vance’s merged with Buckeye Outdoors
  • 2014 Vance’s 3rd retail location in Obetz, Ohio
    56,000 Sq. Ft
    24 Lane Shooting Ranges – 75 feet 
    Meggitt Training System
    Training Center.

Shooting Range & Training Center
4250 Alum Creek Dr
Obetz, OH 43207

Vance Outdoors started Vance’s in 1938

Very large local shop in Ohio

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Hub Shooting Range & Pawn Shop

Opened in 2012

  • Was originally Bob’s Bang Room/ The Pawn Place
    1100 E. Hall in Show Low.
  • 2012 – March 2015 Michael Charles Sattinger ran the store
  • 12 lanes  indoor shooting range

The Hub Shooting Range & Pawn Shop
5208 W White Mountain Blvd
Lakeside, AZ 85929

The Hub in Lakeside, Arizona

A large gun shop with almost everything you might need. They have a larger selection than most shops, almost as much inventory as a big box store..

Large shooting range in back If you are in the area, do yourself a favor and experience this shop

Great staff, a lot of selection @theHubAZ Listen to the full review on @dailyGunShow

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Museum of the Fur Trade

800 guns on display


Chadron, Nebraska

  • 1837 James Bordeaux’s trading post established
  •  founded by Charles E. Hanson, Jr.
  • 1953 acquired site property
  • 1956 trading post was reconstructed on its original foundation stones
  • 1956 opened to the public
  • Included in the National Register of Historic Places
  • most complete collection of these rare firearms in existence
  • Indian trade guns manufactured between 1640 and 1911 in England, Belgium and the United States