AZ Firearms

WOW, what an Amazing Gun Shop

Ending up the Gun Show Loophole Tour with a sweet shop in Avondale, Arizona
Dan & Cheryl from @GunFreedomRadio run this gun shop and an auction house @PotOfGoldAuctions

This shop does NOT seem like a neglected third business however

Its an awesome REAL gun shop

First off, there are more guns here than any two typical gun shops, all neatly & interestingly arranged from floor to ceiling, on shelves, racks and in displays bursting at the seams



Its an awesome experience to wander their shop, and let your eyes jump from item to item, discovering all the cool stuff

They have antique and modern, current models and discontinued items. There are a LOT of guns

The friendly staff is available to answer questions, as I expected after listening to the podcast for so long

Our last gun shop of the tour, was no accident

Dan & Cheryl are true 2A advocates, it’s a pleasure to finally visit the shop, and an honor to feature their store as the last one on this leg of the tour

LISTEN to their 2 hour weekly podcast, and check out the podcast’s website, it is amazing. The catalog of guests they have had on their show is impressive and their website archives each guest, each show and each topic wonderfully #RealGunShop

BMC Tactical

BMC Tactical
2617 Coors Blvd SW
Albuquerque, New Mexico 87121
(505) 877-5357

BMC Tactical and Warrior Steel. As New Mexico’s premier source of Tactical Equipment, Firearms, Ammunition, and Accessories, we proudly support and supply the local and national law enforcement and military community.

BMC Tactical specializes in Modern Sporting Rifles and accessories.
Shop online at

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Hub Shooting Range & Pawn Shop

Opened in 2012

  • Was originally Bob’s Bang Room/ The Pawn Place
    1100 E. Hall in Show Low.
  • 2012 – March 2015 Michael Charles Sattinger ran the store
  • 12 lanes  indoor shooting range

The Hub Shooting Range & Pawn Shop
5208 W White Mountain Blvd
Lakeside, AZ 85929

The Hub in Lakeside, Arizona

A large gun shop with almost everything you might need. They have a larger selection than most shops, almost as much inventory as a big box store..

Large shooting range in back If you are in the area, do yourself a favor and experience this shop

Great staff, a lot of selection @theHubAZ Listen to the full review on @dailyGunShow

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