Dragonman’s Military Museum

Over 3,000 guns

Opened in 1982

260 acres

Colorado Springs, CO

  • Private museum owned by Mel “Dragonman” Bernstein
  • 65,000sq ft museum on 260 remote acres
  • 80 military vehicles, 900 uniformed mannequins
  • Open April – November
  • $20 Adults / $10 Child Tours on Sundays

Dragonman’s Military Museum
1200 Dragonman Dr, Colorado Springs, CO 80929
(719) 683-2200

Dragonman’s Military Museum
Colorado Springs, CO

Possibly the best World War Two Museum I’ve seen. A very complete collection with tours led by Dragon Man If you have a chance to experience the Military Museum at DragonLand, you will not be disappointed

Dragon Land is AWESOME If you like guns, or Military history, then you need to visit this place This intro video will be just the first of a series of videos from Dragon Land The BEST Military Museum I’ve seen, and I’ve seen a lot of them Stay tuned for more from Dragonland, the coolest Gun Shop in Colorado

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