Cody Firearms Experience

Opened in 2015

Shoot REAL guns of the old west, just outside Yellowstone’s famous East Gate

Millions, yes millions of tourists from all over the world experience Yellowstone each year, during a few months in the summer

2.5 to 3 Million of those visitors will use the famous Eastgate to Yellowstone

And every single one of those visitors, will see their sign, their storefront, and their sweet black van with the words “Shoot Guns”

The Cody Firearms Experience been in business for the last 3 years, letting all those visitors (close to 10 million at this point) know about firearms and see that a gun shop is present in Cody, Wyoming. And its a gun shop they are free to visit and pull triggers

And not only is the store in the best location possible for those tourists, but it’s also very nice inside. It’s welcoming, clean, large and not too crowded, so many people will feel comfortable in there, even when it’s busy

The staff was extremely friendly, helpful and interesting to talk to


Cody Firearms Experience
142 W. Yellowstone Ave.
Cody, Wyoming, USA 82414


There are aware of their opportunity to be the ambassador’s of firearms for those international tourists, and people visiting from states where they don’t experience gun shops or shooting ranges

The map on the wall has a pin to indicate each place a visitor has traveled from. It looks like a pincushion, you can barely see the map underneath on some continents. And each continent is represented, they’ve had people from all over the world experience Firearms just outside Yellowstone

This was one of the high points of Cody, Wyoming for me

And this is one of the reasons we do the Gun Show Loophole Tour, to share the experience and efforts of gun shops like this one

It goes without saying, if you’re ever in Cody, Wyoming .. check out the Cody Firearms experience for yourself

They are a full service gun shop too, and there’s an old time shooting gallery available as well


the Site


re-opened in 2014

training center only

  • Formerly Blackwater North training facility
  • 2014 reopened as The Site
  • Jim Kauber – Navy SEAL Master Chief, President/Director of Training
  • 7 flat ranges
  • 600 yard range Known Distance (KD) Range
  • 2700 sq. ft. live-fire shoot house
  • two story configurable simulation shoot house
  • 3 Classrooms
  • Unknown Distance Range
  • Climbing/Rappelling/Shooting Tower
  • Pro Shop

  • 40 clients can stay at THE SITE
  • lodge
  • four private cabins
  • freshly prepared meals from our accomplished chefs.

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Copper Star

Opened in 2012

  •  25 yard pistol range
  • the only indoor 100 yard rifle range in AZ
  • 50 yard archery range
  • Rent the gun Patrick Swayze used in the original Red Dawn film
  • M1919 Browning 
  • Thompson “Tommy” Gun
  • Bow Rentals

Copper Star Indoor Shooting Range
3535 W Sharpshooter Way
Camp Verde, AZ 86322
(928) 567-5300


Streamed live on Aug 10, 2016

Happy Red Dawn Day – Daily Gun Show LIVE at Copper Star Shooting Range

A little late today, but it is WORTH it !!

Shooting a full auto RPK from the movie Red Dawn

Clark County Shooting Facility

2,900 acres

Opened on December 12, 2009

  •  the largest shooting facility in the United States
  • 1984 Planning for the park started
  • January 2008 construction started
  •  first phase on 148 acres
  • August 25, 2009 dedicated
  • 30 shooting points to 50 yards
  • 15 points to 200 yards 
  • 15 points to 100 yard
  • 3,000-square-foot ​Rifle-Pistol Center building
  • 5,443-sqare-foot Shotgun Center
  • 23 well maintained Trap & Skeet fields
  • East and West Sporting Clays Course
  • one 5-Stand field
  • Archery course – 100 yards
  • 4,400-square-foot building
     three 30-seat classrooms
  • 15,000 -square-foot storage maintenance building
  • 80 pull-through RV sites
  • John Mull’s Road Kill Grill II
  • 2010 5 Star Range from NSSF
  • Events may be scheduled 7 days a week between the hours of 7am – 10pm

Clark County, NV
500 S. Grand Central Pkwy
Las Vegas, NV 89155

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Sportsman’s Elite

opened in 2008

13,000 sqft 

  • 5,000 square feet of retail
  • 14 indoor shooting lanes 75 feet 
  • the only 5 Star Range in West Texas

Store: Sportsman’s Elite
Visit Date:
Location: El Paso, Texas
No idea, they were closed
Staff: They were inside, they saw us waiting outside but didn’t open 10 minutes early to let us in
Prices:  Since they weren’t interested in opening the doors to let us look around, we went to breakfast instead


Sportsman’s Elite
4520 Doniphan Dr.
El Paso, Texas 79922

H&H Sporting Sports

 90,000 square feet

Opened in 1991

  • Opened by Miles and Jayne Hall of Oklahoma City
    when they were 20 and 18 years old
  • first location was 4,800-square-foot facility
    10 lanes and a classroom
      on 10th Street just west of Council Road
  • April 1990 moved to its current location, facing I-40
  • 2008 H&H purchased Outdoor Outfitters & added Archery Department
  • August, 2016 Leroy Ussery became president og H&H
  • 61 lanes for shooting
  • 6 Olympic air gun lanes
  • 12 pistol lanes at 25 yards
  • 24 rifle lanes at 30 yards
  • 15 lanes for archery at 20 yards
  • 4 lanes in the test and tune archery lanes
  • large meeting/classroom
  • Gunsmith room
  • 4U Café
  • animal mounts from all over the world
  • sensory safari for sight impaired children
  • first ever ‘Five Star Facility’ National Shooting Sports Foundation

Check out this 90,000 square foot gun shop & 61 lane shooting range in Oklahoma City

  • 42 indoor firearm shooting lanes
  • 19 indoor archery lanes

H&H Shooting Sports
400 S. Vermont Ave Ste 110
Oklahoma City, OK 73108
Tel: 405-947-3888

Oklahoma City Gun Shop Reviews are on Gun Shop our Gun Shop review website

Gun Show Loophole Tour
Cool Gun Stuff Across the USA

The Gun Store

Opened in 1988

  • first gun range in Las Vegas
  • 30 lanes
  •  2 new large VIP Bays with 6 lanes in each
  • more than 60 types of firearms to rent

One of the oldest Shops in vegas, but still in the top 3

My first experience with Machine gun rentals was here in vegas in the 1990s seeing @thegunstore on the way to the strip

how COOL was a full auto rental experience while on vacation
Needless to say I shot their Tommy gun way back then, took the parents and siblings too, thier first experiences I’m sure

Now there are a dozen other rental ranges, and The Gun Store holds its own, growing and increasing inventory over the years

One of my favorites, always friendly staff, good conversations too

This visit the gun shop was being remodeled, so just visited the rental portion of the shop

Saw a few groups arrive as i visited, all were international travelers, again, VERY cool to see 2A tourism thriving
Thank You to @TheGunStore in Las Vegas Nevada for being there all these years for the millions of visitors Vegas gets, many of them see your invitation to Shoot Full Auto guns


Dragonman’s Military Museum

Over 3,000 guns

Opened in 1982

260 acres

Colorado Springs, CO

  • Private museum owned by Mel “Dragonman” Bernstein
  • 65,000sq ft museum on 260 remote acres
  • 80 military vehicles, 900 uniformed mannequins
  • Open April – November
  • $20 Adults / $10 Child Tours on Sundays

Dragonman’s Military Museum
1200 Dragonman Dr, Colorado Springs, CO 80929
(719) 683-2200

Dragonman’s Military Museum
Colorado Springs, CO

Possibly the best World War Two Museum I’ve seen. A very complete collection with tours led by Dragon Man If you have a chance to experience the Military Museum at DragonLand, you will not be disappointed

Dragon Land is AWESOME If you like guns, or Military history, then you need to visit this place This intro video will be just the first of a series of videos from Dragon Land The BEST Military Museum I’ve seen, and I’ve seen a lot of them Stay tuned for more from Dragonland, the coolest Gun Shop in Colorado

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