Fort Chaffee Outfitters

One of the Best Gun Shops I’ve Ever Been To: Fort Chaffee Outfitters

Tour of a really cool gun shop, Fort Chaffee Outfitters just outside Ft. Smith, Arkansas. Thanks to Dan and the staff!

2103 Fort St, Barling
AR 72923
(479) 452-4020

Saturday 9AM–6PM
Sunday Closed
Monday 9AM–6PM
Tuesday 9AM–6PM
Wednesday 9AM–6PM
Thursday 9AM–6PM
Friday 9AM–6PM

Shipton’s Big R

Large gun shop in a ranch / tack store
Shiptons Big R in Billings, Montana
Friendly shop, a few locals were there doing business while I visited
So much cool stuff in the store as you walk back, then. . pow, a huge gun shop around the corner

Big R East
216 North 14th Street
Billings, Montana 59101

Everything youd need to reload, hunt, target shoot and CCW
Very cool, one stop shop


Outdoorsman, Fargo

Fargo, North Dakota Gun Shop

A nice size gun shop in Fargo, ND with a little bit of everything, and a whole lot of it

Great gun assortment, as you can see
And a friendly staff, they just started a new sale and customers were already arriving just after opening
They have you covered for Hunting, and Cooking too

4101 13th Ave S # 1600
Fargo, ND 58103
(701) 282-0131


Top Pack Defense

Top Pack Defense in Sun Prairie, Wisconsin
We found this one, randomly on the phone’s map

Judging from the number of LEO that were there when we visited, this is the place to go

There for 5 years now IIRC, the owners sister owns a shooting range in Phoenix that I like

Small world, for shooters, at least

Top Pack Defense

1797 Sunfield St
Sun Prairie, WI 53590


Commemorative Firearms

Engraved Gold Guns, real ones, at @CommemorativeFirearms in Fargo, North Dakota

This is a small FFL that also does every kind of logo item you can imagine. But they also do real guns, gold plated, engraved and presented with class and distinction
Glad I checked this place out, I learned a lot about the process and I saw some really cool presentation guns

Which Gun would You present to Who, and for What?

Commemorative Firearms

3242 4th Ave S
Fargo, ND 58103
(800) 619-5729


Penguin Tactical

Gun Shop, Cerakote Shop & Mod Shop, not too far outside the Browning Museum
@TacPenguin @kickback_coatings is not too far from the museum, we checked them out on our way back into Salt Lake City
@deadhorse_dad says they support @unitedgunexchange, so that is a plus

Friendly guys, and from what we saw, they do good work. The shop was busy for a tuesday afternoon
Retired Army, and Brozne Star recipient was very happy with their work on his shotgun, including the Texas flag

Penguin Tactical

860 W Riverdale Rd. Suite D7
Riverdale, UT 84405
(801) 888-0515


Beaver Sport and Pawn

Visited a huge gun shop, in the Utah desert

Beaver Sport & Pawn in Beaver, Utah
They have a billboard on the highway between Salt Lake City and St. George, Utah
That’s how I found them, and that’s why I stopped by

I think billboards for gun shops are GREAT. They tell the world driving by, that a Gun Shop exists, its nearby and its successful enough to have a billboard
That is a lot of pro 2A effort right there. But when it is an AWESOME gun shop too ?!?! Well, thats even better.

Beaver’s has a friendly staff, huge floorplan, and a ton of stuff for sale. Stay tuned for a video to attept to show how cool this shop is

If you ever take the trip between St . George and SLC, plan to stop off in Beaver and check out this shop

Look for the giant revolver on the building

Beaver Sport and Pawn

91 N Main St
Beaver, UT 84713
(435) 438-2100



Gallenson’s in Salt Lake City is one of the coolest gun shops on the tour so far

We first visited @Gallensons_Guns_ in 2010 while Touring Salt Lake City, Utah gun shops. We attended the Outdoor Retailer show and stayed a few extra days to see Utah Gun Shops

It was an amazing experience to wander though Gallensons, they are such a large and complete gun shop, not an outfitter, not a sporting goods store, but a REAL old fashioned Gun Shop

There is cool stuff from floor to celling. Not just a few shotguns chokes, not just a few reloading dies.. all of them

Everything you might need, or didn’t know you needed

The shop is an experience. When you visit, do yourself a favor and park in back, so you can see all the cool gun-themed murals

The front of Gallenson’s store is covered too, all local artists and all gun-themed

Attentive staff, are knowledgeable and ready to help.

Plan to spend sone time when you visit, there is more stuff in this shop than in any big box “gun department”

Gallenson’s in Salt Lake City
166 E 200 S
Salt Lake City, UT 84111


Scheels, Fargo

Local “Big Box” Gun Shop in Fargo, North Dakota
@FargoScheels is incredible
I can only post 10 photos here, so theres no way to describe how large this outdoor store is, but its awesome

Soo many guns, more than a Cabellas i bet

This is a chain of stores, i visited two (the Minnesota location didnt have guns)

There is a ferris wheel inside the store !! And cool biographical displays of our Presidents around the store (and outside)

A gun shop like none I’ve seen before, very cool

Definitely worth a visit if you are in Fargo, North Dakota

Fargo has been the home for SCHEELS since it opened its first downtown store in 1930 when Fred M. Scheel bought Swanson Hardware.

1551 45th St S
Fargo , ND 58103-0959

Fargo, North Dakota