2nd Amendment Gun Shop

2nd Amendment Gun Shop
4570 North Rancho Drive #4
Las Vegas, NV 89130

(702) 272-2510


2nd Amendment Gun Shop

After a combined 32 years of military service the owners of 2nd Amendment Gun Shop have positioned themselves to serve the public once again. This time through the retail sales of firearms, ammunition and accessories of all types. With a strong belief in personal gun rights, 2nd Amendment Gun Shop opened its doors in November 2012, with a limited budget, but with the support of a great firearms community we have grown and are now offering our services to the internet world.

Accuracy Gun Shop Inc

Accuracy Gun Shop Inc
5903 Boulder Highway
Las Vegas, NV 89122

(702) 458-3330

Accuracy Gun Shop opened for business in 1972. The owner Russell P. Gray started the business to compliment his championship shooting habits. His son Rickey Gray started managing the shop in 1975.

With Rickey’s personal attention Accuracy soon became the place to come and hang out with the guys while checking out the newest firearms.

41 years later the Gray’s still own the shop, and with the friendly sales staff, gunsmith and low overhead Accuracy Gun Shop is the store to check out for all your firearm needs.