Beaver Sport and Pawn

Visited a huge gun shop, in the Utah desert

Beaver Sport & Pawn in Beaver, Utah
They have a billboard on the highway between Salt Lake City and St. George, Utah
That’s how I found them, and that’s why I stopped by

I think billboards for gun shops are GREAT. They tell the world driving by, that a Gun Shop exists, its nearby and its successful enough to have a billboard
That is a lot of pro 2A effort right there. But when it is an AWESOME gun shop too ?!?! Well, thats even better.

Beaver’s has a friendly staff, huge floorplan, and a ton of stuff for sale. Stay tuned for a video to attept to show how cool this shop is

If you ever take the trip between St . George and SLC, plan to stop off in Beaver and check out this shop

Look for the giant revolver on the building

Beaver Sport and Pawn

91 N Main St
Beaver, UT 84713
(435) 438-2100


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