Butt’s Gun Sales

What’s so unusual about this Hi-Standard ?

Spent a while chatting with Butt’s Guns in Billings, Montana
Nice shop with a bit of everything you’d need aling with collectables and long range guns

Quite a bit of history with the shop, the original owner was named Butt, and the store’s been passed on a few times, but still in the family

We talked about long range shooting and Optics which is interesting for me because there’s lots of long-range opportunities in Montana, so they know their stuff

We talked a little bit about Shooters in Montana and the 2A situation with shops like this one and the awesome natural wonders, it’s tough not to put Montana at the very top of the list of states

2018 Main St
Billings, MT 59105
Phone: (406) 252-8442



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