Cody Firearms Experience

Opened in 2015

Shoot REAL guns of the old west, just outside Yellowstone’s famous East Gate

Millions, yes millions of tourists from all over the world experience Yellowstone each year, during a few months in the summer

2.5 to 3 Million of those visitors will use the famous Eastgate to Yellowstone

And every single one of those visitors, will see their sign, their storefront, and their sweet black van with the words “Shoot Guns”

The Cody Firearms Experience been in business for the last 3 years, letting all those visitors (close to 10 million at this point) know about firearms and see that a gun shop is present in Cody, Wyoming. And its a gun shop they are free to visit and pull triggers

And not only is the store in the best location possible for those tourists, but it’s also very nice inside. It’s welcoming, clean, large and not too crowded, so many people will feel comfortable in there, even when it’s busy

The staff was extremely friendly, helpful and interesting to talk to


Cody Firearms Experience
142 W. Yellowstone Ave.
Cody, Wyoming, USA 82414


There are aware of their opportunity to be the ambassador’s of firearms for those international tourists, and people visiting from states where they don’t experience gun shops or shooting ranges

The map on the wall has a pin to indicate each place a visitor has traveled from. It looks like a pincushion, you can barely see the map underneath on some continents. And each continent is represented, they’ve had people from all over the world experience Firearms just outside Yellowstone

This was one of the high points of Cody, Wyoming for me

And this is one of the reasons we do the Gun Show Loophole Tour, to share the experience and efforts of gun shops like this one

It goes without saying, if you’re ever in Cody, Wyoming .. check out the Cody Firearms experience for yourself

They are a full service gun shop too, and there’s an old time shooting gallery available as well


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