Desert Eagle Guns

Gun Shops are the small businesses that created the firearms industry
Gun shops are under attack
Customer Apathy – is their biggest enemy
If the people who support the gun shops quit, there is little hope for the stores and their employees
Big Box Stores – are always an issue. Whether local or online they often take critical non-gun purchases from the local shops. These purchase decisions are taking much critical income away from local gun shops
Laws & Regulations – are easy to create & enforce on an ignored group, and gun shops are burdened with many rules customers would not tolerate at other businesses
Many other issues face gun shops today.. we address those & feature a new gun shop EVERY DAY on the @DailyGunShowpodcast, check it out & suggest YOUR local gun shop to be featured on our show

We are also driving to shops again this year on the #GunShowLoopholeTour
Watch the vids, interviews & pics as we explore gun shops of the USA
Support the tour, link on our profile page @GunWebsites
Thanks everyone for supporting your local Gun Shop

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