Pony Express Museum

Dozens of guns on display

1939 – 1955

Arcadia, CA

  • Mr. William Parker Lyon
  • the first Pony Express Museum in San Marino
  • 1934 moved to Arcadia, CA
  • six acres
  • three enormous buildings
    (using material salvaged from Lucky Baldwin’s old Santa Anita Racetrack and from the Oakwood Hotel)
  • One of the buildings on the property had 30 rooms
  • purchased an abandoned, narrow-gauge train from Nevada and constructed a circular track on his property offering short rides to museum visitors
  • more than one million collectibles:
    saloon furnishings, a printing office, mining equipment, toys, dolls, musical instruments, along with old signs, bottles, kerosene lamps, guns, saddles, chamber pots, dishes, “wanted” posters, clothing & hats, stamps and currency.
  • stagecoaches, fire engines and even a jail cell
  • collection of Native American artifacts was considered one of the nation’s finest
  • 1949 W. Parker Lyon died
  • His son took over the management of the museum for about 6 years
  • The collection of more than one million treasures went to Reno
  • later was broken up and sold to private investors
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