The Armory

Store: The Armory
Visit Date:
Location: Annapolis, Maryland
Good assortment, popular brands and many interesting, hard to find guns
Staff: Friendly, helpful
Prices:  Seemed average


The Armory
24 Defense St
Annapolis, MD 21401

Forest Park Army Navy

Store: Forest Park Army Navy Surplus Store
Visit Date:
Location: Forest Park, Georgia
Selection: Large Surplus assortment, and many guns and models
Staff: Very friendly and aware of good customer service
Prices:  I spent my time searching through the surplus gear (@ good prices!!), so didn’t check out the gun prices


Forest Park Army Navy Surplus Store
9am – 6:30 M-F, 9-6 Sat, Close Sun
858 Main Street
Forest Park, GA 30297-1465
(404) 366-7479